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    How do I safely bank online? How do I switch bank accounts? What should I do if I lose my credit card? Are my bank deposits guaranteed? How do I trace assets after a relative's death? We provide answers to these and other questions on banking and finance in Luxembourg.

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    Like our membership, the work of the Luxembourg Bankers’ Association is highly diversified. Our expertise in the service of our members spans across various fields.

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Fitch confirme la notation AAA du Luxembourg avec perspective stable

21/07/2014 -

En date du 18 juillet 2014, l’agence de notation financière Fitch a réaffirmé la note "AAA" du Grand-Duché du Luxembourg avec perspective "stable". Le Luxembourg continue ainsi de bénéficier de la meilleure notation de crédit auprès des trois grandes agences S&P, Moody’s et Fitch.

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Futurmarket & Royal de Bank: Avertissement de la CSSF

21/07/2014 -

La Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF) avertit le public des activités des entités dénommées Royal de Bank et Futurmarket.

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PwC Luxembourg : 21 talents accèdent au rang de directeur

16/07/2014 -

21 nouveaux directeurs/-trices viennent consolider la place de leader de PwC Luxembourg qui avec 2300 personnes agit comme premier prestataire de services professionnels du Grand-Duché. Ces promotions reconnaissent tant le développement de ces individus que les perspectives de croissance économique.

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ICTluxembourg establishes as a non-profit-making organization

Since 2011, ICTluxembourg has been operating under a 'memorandum of understanding' as a coordination platform for professional associations representing the ICT sector in Luxembourg. The new set-up materializes the decision of the various professional associations of the ICT sector to work more closely together thus obtaining a better visibility in the market. It will also allow disposing of more means to undertake specific actions and to implement a transparent operational framework.

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ICBC wins the Award for “best bank in Luxembourg”

11/07/2014 -

The acclaimed British magazine Euromoney reveals its annual ranking for global Awards for Excellence 2014. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Europe) S.A. stands out from the intense competition and wins the title as “Best Bank in Luxembourg” for its outstanding performance. To be the first ever overseas institution of a Chinese bank honored by Euromoney with this coveted award, it demonstrates full recognition of the progress made in Chinese banking globalization during recent years.

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La Bourse de Luxembourg : un acteur de rang international

PwC Luxembourg a présenté la cinquième édition de The Luxembourg Stock Exchange, a prime location for listing à l’occasion de la Journée Boursière ce lundi 7 juillet. Cette brochure, publiée avec le soutien de la Société de la Bourse de Luxembourg, rassemble toutes les informations liées à l’admission de valeurs à la cote officielle de la Bourse de Luxembourg.

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Luxembourg "Sukuk" Bill passes into Law

10/07/2014 -

On 9th of July 2014, Parliament has approved the draft law on a sale and buy-back transaction of real estate assets necessary to issue an Islamic finance bond.

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First OECD PISA financial literacy test finds many young people confused by money matters

09/07/2014 - ,

Around one in seven students in the 13 OECD countries and economies that took part in the first OECD PISA international assessment of financial literacy are unable to make even simple decisions about everyday spending, and only one in ten can solve complex financial tasks.

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