Agreement for a Collective Bargaining Agreement for 2017

ABBL Published 08.06.2017

As the negotiations for a new and modern Collective Bargaining Agreement are still on-going, the option to extend the 2014-2016 Collective Bargaining Agreement to 2017 has again been discussed between the ABBL and the 3 unions on 2 June.

Concerned with staff’s interest and in order to break the deadlock, the ABBL proposed an alternative consisting of paying a one-shot signature bonus for a 2017 Collective Bargaining Agreement.

This one-shot signature bonus of EUR 400 gross would be paid to all employees in service on 1 June and on a pro rata basis to their rate of employment.

The ABBL’s proposal was accepted on 7 June by ALEBA and LCGB after internal consultation. The OGB-L has accepted on 8 June.

This agreement was also approved by the ABBL Board of Directors in its meeting of 8 June and will be submitted for ratification to the General Assembly on 16 June.

In a nutshell, this agreement consist of:

  • The extension of the agreement 2014-2016 to the year 2017
  • The payment of the “conjunctural / June” bonus
  • The payment of a one-shot signature bonus of EUR 400 gross to all employees in service on 1 June and on a pro rata basis to their rate of employment

The 4 working groups are proceeding on their mission in order to define a new Collective Bargaining Agreement starting 2018. This agreement should allow financial actors to answer manifold changes in terms of regulation in the financial industry, stay competitive and prepare to fully take nowadays and future challenges for the financial industry linked to the digitalisation of all services and functions.

The ABBL stays convinced that all involved parties will be able to build a brand new agreement in the interest of banks and their employees.


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