PwC Luxembourg appoints 7 new partners to build trust in society and solve important problems

PwC Luxembourg is proud to celebrate the admission of seven new partners to the firm. These individuals bring years of collective professional experience and expertise gathered from delivering projects all over the world.

From their insights on key business issues to the various perspectives they offer their clients, these professionals will help to make PwC the distinctive choice for organisations looking to build success and drive value for their stakeholders.

John Parkhouse, CEO of PwC Luxembourg, says: “Our new partners will further boost PwC’s ability to help our clients address global challenges in an ever-changing business environment. They truly set our firm’s purpose in motion. Every day, they build trust in society and solve important problems.”

Diversity at core

PwC’s continuous focus to build a gender equal workplace is translating into positive results. Among the seven new partners appointed this year, five are women.

John Parkhouse adds: “We’re convinced that a diverse and gender balanced workforce brings greater business performance. About 40% of today’s global workers are women, yet just 5% of global CEO positions are held by women. Is it any wonder then that there’s a growing sense of frustration around achieving greater gender parity throughout business? We want to be different and promote both women and men at all the levels of our firm. Leading a partnership made up of 30% of women is powerful and inspiring.”

The newly appointed partners are:

  • Julie Batsch
  • Sidonie Braud
  • Christian Heinz
  • Martin Hollywood
  • Iryna Sansonnet-Matsukevich
  • Sandra Paulis
  • Sylvia Pucar

Discover more on these new partners and find out how they build trust and solve important problems on PwC Luxembourg social media (Instagram, LinkedIn et Twitter) and on the website (

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