Nearly half of tablet owners in Luxembourg use them for banking

ING Luxembourg Published 05.07.2017

According to the results of the latest ING International Survey (IIS) on mobile banking, only 43% of smartphone owners in Luxembourg use them for mobile banking transactions, compared with 57% across Europe. In contrast, countries such as Turkey and Poland have much higher percentages, at 80% and 65% respectively.

However, taking tablets into account 46% of owners residing in Luxembourg use them for mobile banking transactions. Even if this is below the European level (50%) it is more than for smartphones, perhaps because there are more tablet owners in Luxembourg than in Europe (61% versus 55%).

Other tools such as smart watches and TVs are still less used for mobile banking, at 12% and 5% respectively. For smart watches it is interesting to see that 27% of consumers in Luxembourg hope to use them for banking transactions next year, while this figure is 11% for smart TVs.

As regards the mobile banking functions most used in Luxembourg, first comes checking your account (mentioned by 47% of residents compared with 56% at European level), followed by paying bills (mentioned by 41%, versus 37% for Europe), then making transfers (mentioned by 38%, compared with 36%), sending money to friends or family members (mentioned by 25%, compared with 27%) and finally using alerts (mentioned by 13%), for which there is also a significant difference between men (18%) and women (9%). Finally, on this last point, there is a great difference in use compared with the European average, which is higher at 33%.

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