Deloitte Digital Luxembourg launches new blended learning program

In an era where knowledge workers constitute the large majority of organizations’ workforce and knowledge is the key resource, learning programs are becoming more and more important.

Deloitte Digital Luxembourg has now developed a blended learning program for its clients, to help organizations address their specific learning needs in a new way. In line with Deloitte’s constant focus on bridging digital and traditional methods, D.Learn combines the benefits of digital learning technology with personal classroom training adapted to the level of the audience.

The increased level of regulation coupled with a changing business environment has led major organizations to put knowledge at the heart of their strategy. Business leaders know it is fundamental to ensure that all teams have a proper understanding of regulatory, technical and other business developments affecting their work, but they find it challenging to develop a comprehensive training program internally. That is where D.Learn comes in,” explains Pascal Martino, Partner and Digital Leader at Deloitte Luxembourg.

Blend in to stand out

Blended learning programs have gained traction over the past years. This method combines online training courses with customized in-person training to offer a personal training path and an enjoyable learning experience. The first courses developed within the D.Learn offering explain MiFID II, AML, GDPR and MAD through interactive, digital training sessions, topped with classroom training delivered by Deloitte’s subject matter experts.

“For a training course to be interesting and successful, it has to offer in-depth knowledge of the topic and at the same time make use of modern technology and the latest trends within adult learning. Equally important, the training has to be tailored to each specific audience. This is the foundation of our new blended learning offering. With D.Learn, we make learning interactive and fun,“ adds Paul Schilling, Head of Human Resources at Deloitte Luxembourg.

Deloitte has a long tradition of organizing trainings for its employees and has established a culture of learning and knowledge-sharing across its departments. The firm is now taking its approach to life-long learning a step further and is developing tailored, blended learning programs for its clients.

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