Smartphone usage in Luxembourg still on the rise

This week, Deloitte Luxembourg released the local version of its Global Mobile Consumer Survey 2017. The survey indicates that not only does the Luxembourg population possess more smartphones than their peers, they also use their phones more frequently, except for when they eat and pay bills.

On average, smartphone adoption is around 80 percent in developed countries. Luxembourg, on the other hand, now counts 91 percent of its adult population among its smartphone users, up 3 percent from last year. The study also suggests that people in Luxembourg use their phones very actively. What is more, 54 percent of Luxembourg smartphone owners have opted for an Apple, which is currently the most popular smartphone brand, and up 4 percent compared to last year.

No missed calls

In line with the global trend, people in Luxembourg no longer use their smartphones primarily to talk. On a daily basis, the smartphone is mostly used for writing emails (68 percent), text messages (65 percent) and instant messaging (58 percent). Only 42 percent reports that they make at least one phone call per day.

Another interesting finding is that smartphone users in Luxembourg seem to make far more use of their phones than their European neighbors. Luxembourg is in the top three in all the categories of smartphone usages, indicating that people use their phones for a variety of purposes,” comments Georges Kioes, Partner and TMT Leader at Deloitte Luxembourg.

Dinner table as a mobile free zone

While people in Luxembourg make frequent use of their phones throughout the day, three out of four respondents report that they put away their phones when they enjoy a meal with friends or family. This trend does not apply to the workplace, however, where only 33 percent of respondents report that they avoid using their mobile phones.

Mobile banking

In Luxembourg, smart device users still prefer to use their laptops to check the balance of their bank accounts, but the smartphone is gaining traction in this area. This year, 28 percent of survey respondents report they prefer to use their smartphones to keep an eye on their bank account, up from only 20 percent last year. Still, Luxembourg smartphone users are lagging behind the more active smartphone users in other countries.

Similarly, the use of smartphones for in-store payments remains rare in Luxembourg. While 62 percent of smartphone users in Denmark pay with their phones in-store, less than one fifth of Luxembourg respondents say they have used this feature.

The survey shows that there is an incredible potential for banks to boost mobile banking in Luxembourg. The smartphone adoption here is one of the highest in Europe, and yet very few use their phones for banking operations. Offering a better user experience through mobile banking and payment apps should be a business priority for most banks right now,” explains Ronan Vander Elst, Partner at Deloitte Luxembourg.

About the survey

Deloitte’s Global Mobile Consumer Survey 2017 is a multi-country study concerning the usage of smart devices and, in particular, of mobile phones and smartphones. Worldwide, it encompasses 5 continents, 33 countries and 53,150 respondents. The Luxembourg sample comprises 1,000 respondents aged 18 to 75, evenly distributed between men and women.

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