ING Fintech Village: launch of the third edition

ING Luxembourg Published 09.11.2017

The third edition of ING Fintech Village has just been launched. Start-ups from around the world, especially those from the Grand Duchy, are invited to submit their applications on the website until 1 December 2017.

Up to ten of them will be chosen to participate in this accelerator in 2018.

In 2018, the solutions offered by the start-ups must be able to tackle four major challenges

  • the “Personal Bank” Challenge: create “highly digital” solutions to allow the bank to be “very personal” with its customers;
  • the “Secure Bank” Challenge: introduce new, user-friendly security, authentication and connection solutions;
  • the “Efficient Bank” Challenge: create solutions that increase efficiency tenfold thanks to new simple working methods;
  • the “Beyond Banking” Challenge: disruptive ways to produce, distribute and/or deliver financial services that go beyond traditional banking.

A programme of this scale doesn’t just happen by itself: as with the first edition, Deloitte, SWIFT Innotribe and The Bridge are ING’s main partners in this adventure.

Several ING entities are heavily involved in the project: ING Belgium, ING Netherlands and ING Luxembourg. ING Luxembourg will participate in the decision-making and selection process, whilst also taking part in the mentoring programme.

There are also 3 ING Luxembourg representatives among the mentors: Sandrine De Vuyst, Head of Private Banking; Damien Degros, Head of Wholesale Banking and Erik Jacquemart, Transformation Office & Head of Innovation.
For more information on ING Fintech Village, visit!

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