Financial knowledge is key for everyone

ABBL Published 08.12.2017

Every day all of us are dealing with money. And many don’t get any introduction into the concept of money during school life. The ABBL aims at contributing to the financial education national strategy with the objective that dealing with money is integrated into the school curriculum of every child and youth.

It is imperative that all citizens understand the issues of managing their finances from an early age.

Giving everyone the tools they need to take responsible decisions about money management is essential. Accompanying citizens in their financial knowledge will protect them against a range of risks and give them the necessary ressources to carry out their projects in all stages of their lifes.

Thanks to this transmission of financial knowledge, each individual will learn to adopt a clear vision of his personal finances. He will be able to make wiser and more responsible choices.

Unfortunately, the lack of financial literacy seems to remain a taboo. A reinforced collaboration between public institutions, social organisations, the Ministry of National Education and the actors of the financial sector will be able to break this taboo and help to set up specifically needed projects. Some are already well established but do not meet all the needs.

The financial sector is undertaking initiatives to improve the educational level of different target groups: information sessions for future owners, for people who are not yet familiar with digital banking and educational programs in schools.

This is why the ABBL Foundation for Financial Education is organising, with the support of the Ministry of National Education  and the collaboration of ABBL members, the fourth edition of the Woch vun de Suen, which will take place from March 12th to 16th 2018.

Raising the awareness of children and young people seems to be a good start.

By Jessica Thyrion, Communication Adviser, ABBL


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