Green bonds markets on growth track

Published 15.12.2017

The green bond market has experienced fabulous growth and has already exceeded in September 2017 the record of the total amount issued in 2016. European stock markets are at the heart of this development. As of 30 November 2017 global green bonds had raised more than 100 billion USD. More than half of this amount is listed on European stock exchanges.


The Luxembourg Green Exchange (LGX – Green Exchange), providing access to a broad range of green, social and sustainable bond issuers is ranking #1 based on global share of listed green bonds. All its listed securities are recognised globally as either 100% green, 100% social or a blend of both.




More on the LGX – Green exchange

Demand for green finance has surged on the back of the COP 21 agreement in Paris as efforts to tackle climate change become a top global priority. In order to help facilitate the development of green finance, in 2016 we launched the Luxembourg Green Exchange (LGX), a dedicated platform for green, social and sustainable securities.

LGX aims to provide issuers and investors an environment for securities that are truly green, social or sustainable. Entry is restricted to issuers that provide full disclosure and fulfil their reporting obligations, and, in doing so, ensuring quality issuance for investors.


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