CSSF accredited MiFID II training programmes

ABBL Published 05.01.2018

The ABBL is happy to announce the launch of the CSSF accredited MiFID II training programme at the House of Training.

The proposed training is based on various modules covering all aspects required by CSSF circulars 17/665 and 17/670 and can be consulted at the following address: https://www.houseoftraining.lu/training/mifid-ii-certification-3499.

The various modules are offered on an individual basis as well as on a combined basis to cover a series of MiFID II relevant topics. The House of Training further offers the possibility to test your employees’ knowledge acquired during the training sessions as well as a final certificate of successful completion of the entire MiFID II training programme.

The House of Training offer is available as of now with the different modules starting towards end of January 2018.

Other training providers can be found on the official CSSF list of bodies providing external training within the meaning of Circular CSSF 17/670: http://www.cssf.lu/fileadmin/files/Listes/Bodies_providing_external_training_201217.pdf .


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