75% of the population is aware of the existence of a virtual currency

Published 02.03.2018

According to a recent survey released by TNS-Ilres, the concept of cryptocurrencies is quite common in Luxembourg, 3 out of 4 residents have heard about it.  A thirdknow quite well (29%) or exactly (8%) the concept of cryptocurrencies, 40% admit having heard about it but do not really know what it is. A quarter of the population is not aware of the existence of a virtual currency.


Among those polled, less than one in ten people (8%) said they had invested in Bitcoin being the top choice (6%), followed by Ethereum (2%), Bitcoin Cash (2%) and Ripple (2%).

Of those who invested, over a quarter (28%) had invested up to €2,500, 9% up to €10,000 and 2% more than €10,000.





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