LFF launches new publication on corporate finance

Published 14.06.2018

Over the course of the last decades, Luxembourg has built a financial services industry that is specialised in cross-border activities. Well known for its funds, wealth management, insurance and capital markets activity, Luxembourg is maybe less known for its corporate finance services.

This publication looks into Luxembourg’s long-standing expertise in corporate finance, how corporate and commercial banks help companies to implement their projects and carry out their global operations, and why more and more multinationals are looking to relocate their treasury management centres to the Grand Duchy.

The role of business in the 21st century and consequently the requirements in terms of corporate finance are changing. Depending on its size and international scope, the financial needs of a company can be very different during the phases of its life cycle. Therefore, the brochure takes a holistic view and adopts a wide definition of “corporate finance”, including not only financing of international companies by Luxembourg banks, but also treasury services, risk management, pension funds and financial technology.

The brochure is available in English and can be downloaded below.

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