Climate change action: Luxembourg among the leading countries

Published 22.06.2018

According to a report released on 18 June 2018 by Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe, the five EU countries that scored the highest are:

  • Sweden (77%)
  • Portugal (66%)
  • France (65%)
  • The Netherlands (58%)
  • Luxembourg (56%)

The report examines and rates the role member states play in setting climate and energy targets and policies, and the progress they are making in reducing carbon emissions and promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency at home.

The “Good” countries score highest because of their ambitious climate policies, while taking the lead in the debate on the EU’s future targets.

They recognised the importance of ensuring EU climate policy is ‘Paris Agreement-proof’, and call for EU climate ambition to be in line with the Paris Agreement. Also in the debate on the EU’s future energy targets, these five countries have taken the lead.

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