Camille Seillès appointed as member of ABBL's Management Board

ABBL Published 06.07.2018

In the course of its meeting of 4 July 2018, the Board of directors of the ABBL has appointed Mr Camille Seillès as member of the Management Board of the ABBL.

Camille has joined the ABBL in 2012. He is Secretary General of the ABBL since June 2017, supervising the Corporate Secretariat, Accounting and Facility Management. In addition to his management responsibilities, Camille has been and remains in charge of tax matters.

The Chairman of our association, Mr Guy Hoffmann, took the opportunity of this appointment to reiterate his trust and support to the ABBL management team. In his own words:

“The appointment of Camille Seillès brings additional skills and energy to the management team and will help ensure that the ABBL continues to deliver on members’ expectations in an era of rapid and profound changes”.

The appointment of Mr Camille Seillès as member of the Management Board takes effect on 5 July 2018.

Members of the ABBL Management Board

  • Serge de Cillia, Chief Executive Officer and Head of the Management Board
  • Catherine Bourin, Member of the Management Board
  • Camille Seillès, Secretary General and Member of the Management Board

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