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ABBL Published 19.10.2018

As part of the National Housing Week, the Ministry of Housing in cooperation with the Chamber of  Notaries and the ABBL Retail Banking Cluster (RBCL) represented by Charles PLETSCH (BCEE) organised on 16 October 2018 a public conference on the acquisition of housing. A hundred people participated in this information session, which had the objective to inform about topics such as the sales agreement, the tax credit, the various individual aids etc.

The following topics have been covered by the RBCL’s representative during the presentation:

  • Financial planning
  • The main features of different housing loan schemes
  • The lifetime of a home loan
  • The guarantees required by the bank for granting a home loan
  • The required documents to apply for a home loan



The various themes presented during this conference are fully included in a brochure “Acquisition d’un logement – Conseils pratiques” (only available in French)  that has been published for this purpose.

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