The ABBL engages itself for the gender diversity

ABBL Published 08.03.2019

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, the ABBL is proud to engage itself for the gender diversity by signing today the Equilibre “My Pledge” initiative, aimed at ensuring more diversity at public events in line with the #NoWomenNoPanel Campaign.

The ABBL believes that diversity is no longer regarded as simply a human resources issue limited to fair hiring perspectives. It has become a strategic business issue as it can contribute to corporate strategy and effectiveness.

In fact, diversity brings tangible social and economic benefits linked to differences in mental models, perceptions, problem-solving frameworks, diversity of thoughts, creative thinking, etc.

“We believe that more diverse companies are able to improve decision making leading to a virtuous circle of increasing returns. There is undoubtedly a positive relationship between financial performance and greater diversity in leadership.”

The ABBL firmly commits that it continues to foster an environment that supports gender balance and wishes that its members get involved the same path.

By Catherine Bourin, Member of the Management Board


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