AML & CTF at a glance: ABBL’s commitments and action plan

ABBL Published 10.05.2019

Due to the continued growth and international connectedness of the Luxembourg financial centre, the ABBL reiterates the necessity to strengthen the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing. The ABBL pledges to safeguard the integrity and reputation of Luxembourg financial market and all of its actors with a view to achieve exemplary level of alertness on AML and CFL issues in the banking and financial sectors.

According to the consolidated AML & CTF Action Plan made of five core pillars, the ABBL assists its members and provides them with relevant information as well as guidance intended to help its members in the design of their AML and CFT internal procedures. A Vade mecum of the professional obligations relating to the fight of money laundering and terrorist financing is being redrafted as part of the ABBL’s engagement to maintain a high level of integrity among its members.

Moreover, the ABBL closely cooperates together with the relevant national and EU authorities to improve frameworks effectiveness and, promote comprehensive corporate governance.

Furthermore, in order to involve the Luxembourg labour and talent pool and equip for the fight against money laundering, the ABBL, in cooperation with the House of training, designs and provides bespoke training programmes specific to this matter. The ABBL encourages and expects all of its members to train their staff in relation to AML and CTF.

AML trainings by House of Training



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