Final versions of the Principles for Responsible Banking and their Framework

Published 26.07.2019
The United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) is pleased to announce that this week it has released the UNEP FI Principles for Responsible Banking and their supporting framework documents which support the banking industry to both respond to and drive the emerging sustainable development economy.

The Principles for Responsible Banking benefit banks by

  • Providing one comprehensive framework for effectively responding to the emerging sustainable development economy across your bank’s entire business–at the strategic, portfolio and transactional levels
  • Enabling your bank to seize new business opportunities created by the emerging sustainable development economy, while at the same time enabling your bank to effectively identify and address related risks–and mitigate any negative impacts of your bank’s activities
  • Strengthening trust in your bank and ensuring that it remains not only relevant and competitive in this new era, but that it increases its value to those that it serves by demonstrating its alignment with the emerging sustainable development economy. This includes responding to the evolving needs and rising expectations of clients, customers, regulators and investors
  • Providing direct access to expert knowledge, tools and resources to strengthen your bank’s positioning and capacities within the emerging sustainable development economy

More Information

The Luxembourg Bankers’ Association officially adheres to the UNEP FI principles for responsible banking

Principles signature document

The Key steps to be implemented by signatories


Guide to becoming a signatory

Launch of the Principles for Responsible Banking

The launch of the Principles for responsible banking is now set for 22-23 September 2019 in New York City, during the annual United Nations General Assembly. All Signatory Bank CEOs are invited to participate in the official launch:

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