Presenting Luxembourg banking and asset management to the European Union

ABBL Published 04.09.2019

A new European Parliament and a new European Commission mean new decision makers that are eager to get to know their new responsibilities and key interlocutors from the public as well as from the private sector. As a means of introduction the ABBL together with its sister association ALFI have produced a short brochure giving the essentials on Luxembourg banking and asset management.

The flyer explains what we do at the Luxembourg financial center with regard to banking and asset management and, via omission, what we don’t. It also paints ABBL and ALFI’s vision of the Luxembourg banking and asset management as a safe financial center, financing the economy and a leader in providing the means to transform the world into a more sustainable place regarding the environment, social responsibility and governance.

In the statistical section, two graphs illustrate the high solvency and liquidity rates of Luxembourg banks as well as the international nature of the center. Two further graphs show the predominance of Luxembourg as a fund domicile in the EU as well as its leading role in international market shares in other jurisdictions.

The brochure is primarily aimed at but not reserved to decision makers in the EU institutions. Indeed it is a quick introduction for everybody interested in the above.

We hope you enjoy the read!

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