Sustainable Finance - More Education on Offer than you might think

ABBL Published 25.10.2019

The ABBL hosted one of the many events created by LuxFLAG during their first Sustainable Investment Week. Together with ABBL Member Forethix, LuxFLAG introduced a varied panel of speakers who presented their training and education programmes to a suitably impressed audience.

Guest speakers included Denis Graas, from the House of Training, which now offers a foundation course in Sustainable Finance developed together with the ABBL and Forethix. Dr. Jang Schiltz from the University of Luxembourg, then presented the LSF Master in Wealth Management and the MsC in Economics, both of which include large segments on sustainable and green finance, socially responsible investments and impact investments, with more modules being added all the time.


Norman Fisch from INDR explained the labelling process, and the training that is available to help companies get the ESR label, and then to maintain it. Julie Bouchat from InFiNe, the inclusive finance network talked about making financing available to all through micro finance, and also about scholarships available via the European Micro Finance Award. Stéphanie Deltenre of Forethix provided an overview of their areas of expertise, responsible investment, corporate responsibility and responsible society.

Finally Carine Feipel from ILA (institut luxembourgeoise des administrateurs) talked about training being given to directors and board members, whilst Benoit Pauly from the Luxembourg Stock Exchange gave an overview of the training programmes they have developed related to Green Bonds, in particular the EDG reporting requirements.

The event was moderated by Fabio Mandorino from the ABBL and Cecilia Vernhes of Forethix. The event clearly demonstrated that there are many different training opportunities available, for students, employees, businesses right up to the board of directors level. With the increased demand for sustainable finance, there will surely be many more to come.



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