Brussels who’s who: The role of coordinators

ABBL Published 14.11.2019

In this year of many EU political mandate changes, I would like to explain the influential role of coordinators in the European Parliament committees, focusing on the Economic and Monetary affairs committee (ECON).

Indeed, in the European Parliament, the ECON committee is dealing with most of the key dossiers for our sector. Within ECON, there are important roles which are allocated at the beginning of the new mandate such as the bureau with its chairs and vice-chairs (see our article on MEP Tinagli) and coordinators.

Who are the Coordinators in committees and how are they appointed?

Political groups designate coordinators for each parliamentary committee. They are each group’s political leader in the committee. They coordinate their group’s viewpoint on the topics before the committee, act as spokesperson for the group on the topics linked to their committees, and together with the chair and the vice-chairs, they organise the work in the committee. One of the key roles they have is as a collective body to distribute among the political groups legislative or own initiative reports, and individually inside each group to appoint rapporteurs and shadow rapporteurs. Rapporteurs are the Members of Parliament in charge of leading the work on and amending draft Commission proposals.

Who are the Coordinators in ECON?

For this new mandate, the Greens and the EPP have the advantage of experience with returning coordinators: ECON aficionados will recognize German MEP Sven Giegold for the Greens and German MEP Markus Ferber for the center right EPP. The Eurosceptic ECR has a well experienced new coordinator who knows his way through the EU political labyrinth with Belgian MEP Derk Jan Eppink.

For the less experienced coordinators I would list: Luis Garciano for the liberal Renew Europe, Gunner Beck (the far right ID) and, Manon Aubry for the far left GUE/NGL. No doubt they will have fascinating exchanges in the next five years. We will definitely follow with great interest their work.

The ECON Coordinators

Mr. Markus Ferber – EP






Mr. Jonás Fernández
– S&D

Mr. Luis Garicano – Renew






Mr. Sven Giegold
– Green – EFA

Mr. Gunnar Beck – ID






Mr. Derk Jan Eppink

Ms. Manon Aubry – GUE/NGL







By Aurélie Cassou, Senior Adviser, ABBL & ALFI


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