CCube: Recent Executive Council meeting

ABBL Published 06.12.2019

The Executive Council of the Corporate Finance, Capital Markets and Cash Management Cluster, Luxembourg (CCube) met on 25 November 2019.

The focus of the third Council Meeting in 2020 was on payments and FinTech and included, inter alia, focus presentations from Claire Alexandre (Paypal), Laurent Leclef (ING) and Marc Hemmerling (ABBL).

The Council was also briefed on Markets4Europe, a collaborative sector campaign across EU member states aiming at proposing solutions to develop truly integrated EU financial markets as part of the EU 2019-2024 agenda.

In this context, the Council took note of an upcoming landmark international Markets4Europe event in Luxembourg on 25 February 2020,organized by the ABBL in collaboration with Deloitte.

The Council further reflected on relevant input that could be provided by the Cluster with respect to the latter campaign and event as well as other CMU-related developments that are relevant to its scope of action, notably at the level of the Haut Comité de la Place Financière (HCPF). In this context, it was concluded to reschedule the next members’ meeting of the Cluster to 25 February 2020 enabling it to coincide with the Markets4Europe event.

Beyond, the Council exchanged views on latest market and regulatory developments as well as on ideas to enhance the governance and effectiveness of the ABBL and its various clusters and workstreams.

Special thanks go to ING for the impeccable hosting and organization of the Council meeting.


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