PwC Luxembourg and Tokeny join forces in Joint Business Relationship to bring new and innovative services linked with tokenisation

Published 23.01.2020

PwC Luxembourg and Tokeny Solutions announce that they have joined forces to launch a Joint Business Relationship (JBR) bringing new and innovative services in the fields of capital markets and asset servicing.

Whatever the industry, sector and type of underlying assets (debt, equity, alternatives, etc)  the collaboration between the two players will provide full support to the tokenisation of existing assets and/or new assets tokenisation.

A new and innovative way of tackling tokenisation

Through the combination of PwC Luxembourg market and business acumen, global reach and experience of large-scale transformation programmes, and Tokeny Solutions’ state-of-the-art platform, the collaboration offers a unique solution to tokenisation projects: from pre issuance of the token to the management of its entire life cycle.

All aspects of the transaction, such as accounting, legal, regulatory, tax, risk assurance, cybersecurity, custody etc, will be considered and managed.

The collaboration also aims at helping market players to bridge the gap between the traditional mindset to the next state of tokenised economy – helping them to move from the current state to this new world in leveraging both PwC Luxembourg’s and Tokeny Solutions’ considerable experience of traditional business, their understanding of the technology and an effective technological solution.

Tokenisation, a real hot topic

Tokenisation is the process of converting rights of an asset into tokens that can be subdivided, traded and stored on a blockchain system. Compliance is at the heart of the whole process and is guaranteed by the inherent design of the blockchain.

Recent market trends and developments have put tokenisation at the forefront of blockchain topics today,  and for the years to come, given the benefits brought to trade processes, market efficiency and transparency, to name a few.

With this Joint Business Relationship with Luxembourg-based Tokeny Solutions, PwC Luxembourg is strengthening its position, both as a leader in the application of blockchain technology and in our innovative offering to our clients. Sometimes referred to as “Securitisation 2.0”, tokenisation has the potential to disrupt many asset classes (alternatives in particular), improve liquidity, allow for faster settlement, lower costs and reinforced risk management and compliance. PwC Luxembourg is cognisant that the market is still in the early phase of the adoption of blockchain overall, but we strongly believe that it is our responsibility to assume a leadership role in this field and have confidence in Tokeny Solutions’ platform and our vision and  capabilities to play an important role in bringing value-added innovation to our clients and the market.” 

Thomas Campione, Blockchain & Crypto-assets Leader, PwC Luxembourg.

We are extremely enthusiastic about the recently launched partnership with PwC Luxembourg. Tokeny Solutions’ objective is to provide investment banks, funds, mid-cap companies and distributors with the modular and user-friendly technology required for firms to digitise their processes, so they can enforce global compliance obligations, enable automation and drive efficiency.

Through tokenisation, institutions can digitise financial assets, such as equities, loans, bonds, funds and other securities, and streamline their administration to provide clients with a digital-first service. It is an exciting time, and we are confident that joining forces with PwC Luxembourg, the largest professional services firm in Luxembourg, with the Firm’s amassed expertise and commitment to serving clients in the best way possible, we will amplify the range of services and benefits offered by PwC.

Luc Falempin, CEO Tokeny Solutions

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