ABBL 2020 - a new vision

ABBL Published 31.01.2020

In 2019, the ABBL celebrated its 80th anniversary. A moment to reflect on many years of good work and a multitude of achievements, but also a moment to take stock, review our priorities, and think about the future missions of the association.

Our collective ambition, for and on behalf of our members, is to promote the development of sustainable, innovative and responsible regulated banking services in Luxembourg.

The Board of Directors of the ABBL, under the Chairmanship of Mr Guy Hoffmann, has asked the ABBL’s CEO, Mr Yves Maas, to oversee a transformation of the association, in order to ensure that it meets and exceeds the expectations of its members.

In particular, the ABBL will concentrate its efforts on:

Shaping and representing the voice of our industry

We will give our industry one voice and ensure that this voice is heard at every level, while, at the same time, shaping the narrative and maintaining a coherent message.

Fostering collaboration with and amongst our members

We will continue to serve as a forum for discussion, debates and the exchange of knowledge on issues and projects that are common to our members.

Providing industry and regulatory expertise

We will keep abreast of developments and trends and will deliver analysis and positions on a wide range of topics that are important to our industry.

Offering research, thought leadership and financial education

We will conduct surveys amongst our members, deliver opinion papers and comments on future trends, ensure the development of vocational training for our members and future talents of our sector and will foster financial literacy as part of our responsibility towards the society.

Collaborating with other economic actors and relevant authorities

We will continue to deal with our partners and peers in an open and transparent spirit, working together to achieve the common goal of safeguarding the stability and competitiveness of the financial sector in Luxembourg.

Representing members for the purpose of collective employment relations

We will continue to represent our members in the social dialogue, always with the goal of making Luxembourg a great place to work and a great place to conduct business, now and in the future.

In order to enable us to effectively support our members in their challenges, the ABBL’s new organisational structure will focus on the following 4 main pillars:

• Member Relations

Sarah Odru, Head of Member Relations

Sarah will set and maintain the strategic agenda with members to drive change. She will strengthen the promotion of the ABBL and will be in charge of the ABBL banking clusters.

• Regulatory Affairs

Camille Seillès
, Secretary General – Member of the Management Board

Camille will set the regulatory agenda of the association, review and monitor priorities and coordinate the ABBL’s advocacy plan with respect to the same. Camille is also in charge of the General Secretariat and leads the support functions.


• Sustainability & Conduct

Catherine Bourin, Member of the Management Board

Catherine will elaborate a global action plan on sustainability. She will be in charge of developing a financial education strategy in cooperation with members and public institutions. Catherine will also assist members to be compliant with AML standards and data protection rules, as well as assist members in HR matters and talent management.

• Innovation & Digital

Marc Hemmerling
, Head of Innovation & Digital

Marc will exploit, analyse and share the evolution of digital developments with a strategic view on market change / developments. He will maintain and develop relationships with payment organisations and FinTechs.


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