Zuumer Academy – the ABBL and its Members team-up for social inclusion

ABBL Published 14.02.2020

Being able to manage money and understanding today’s complex socio-economic environment are fundamental skills necessary to enable everyone to make sound professional and private decisions to safeguard their financial security.

With this in mind, the Luxembourg Bankers’ Association (ABBL) and its ‘Fondation pour l’éducation financière’ has been actively carrying out a range of initiatives in the field of financial education.

After the growing success of the ‘Woch vun de Suen’, which started in 2015, the ABBL Foundation launched a pilot project in September 2019, the ‘Zuumer Academy’, targeted at ‘vulnerable’ members of society.

This initiative, which is part of a wider awareness campaign, and which is aimed at promoting social inclusion, was launched thanks to the Ministry of Family and Integration. The Zuumer Academy was selected from a call for projects for the Ministry’s National Action Plan.

The Zuumer Academy consists of different modules of 1 ½ hours each, held over 10 days, teaching financial basics (savings, payments, budget management, understanding risk etc.), which have been specifically created to help the students to manage their personal finances with confidence an understand their relationship with their bank.

The pilot project, run by 18 volunteers from the ABBL, gave a dozen people the opportunity to take part and become certified by the ABBL. It is hoped that the training will help them in their integration process – most of the participants were of foreign origin.

Reactions of the participants were more than positive, and the enthusiasm for the project from the Ministry of Family and Integration as well as the ONA (Office national de L’accueil, formerly the OLAI) who helped to select suitable participants, together with the ONIS (Office national d’inclusion social), have led us to continue our efforts and run a full project this year.

The ABBL Foundation will train 100 people in 2020. In order to achieve this, we asked our Members to participate, multiplying the number of trainers available to give courses, together with ABBL employees.

More than 50 ambassadors volunteered, and thanks to them, we will offer 5 programmes in 2020:

  • 24 February – 6 March
  • 4 – 15 May
  • 8 – 19 June
  • 31 August – 11 September
  • 9 – 20 November

For both the ABBL and our Members, the Zuumer Academy is part of a larger CSR strategy, specifically our responsibility towards society.

Participating Members

  • Banque et Caisse de l’Epargne de l’Etat
  • BGL BNP Paribas S.A.
  • CapitalatWork Foyer Group S.A.
  • Castegnaro
  • China Construction Bank (Europe) S.A.
  • Crédit Agricole Indosuez
  • Deloitte General Services S.à.r.l.
  • Forethix S.à.r.l.
  • Fortuna Banque s.c.
  • ING Luxembourg
  • Mediobanca International (Luxembourg) S.A.


By Jessica Thyrion, Adviser – Financial Education


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