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ABBL Published 13.03.2020

On Friday, 6 March, 17 students received a certificate from the ABBL Foundation for financial education to reward their participation in the Zuumer Academy, which ran from 24 February to 6 March.

The participants, 9 different nationalities, were so impressed by the content of the course that they are already requesting training at the next level.

The sessions of 1 ½ hours, over 10 days, to help a so-called ‘vulnerable’ public to confidently manage their personal finances and to understand the relationship with their bank, were led by volunteers from the membership of the ABBL.

“If you save, you can achieve anything”

said Marco, at the end of ‘Dilemma’, a board game designed to allow the students to put into practice lessons learned during the course.

This initiative, which is part of a wider awareness campaign, and which is aimed at promoting social inclusion, was launched thanks to the Ministry of Family and Integration. The Zuumer Academy was selected from a call for projects for the Ministry’s National Action Plan.

The Zuumer Academy consists of different modules of 1 ½ hours each, held over 10 days, teaching financial basics (savings, payments, budget management, understanding risk etc.), which have been specifically created to help the students to manage their personal finances with confidence an understand their relationship with their bank.

The ONIS (Office national d’inclusion sociale), our valuable partner, applauded the efforts of the ABBL Foundation and the volunteer trainers for continuing with this initiative:

“The Zuumer Academy is a worthwhile experience for all participant, contributing to their autonomy through the acquisition of financial management skills. The interactive lessons combined with education encourages an exchange of experiences and creates bonds between peers. It is very rewarding for the participants to receive their certificates at the end of the course, it really gives them a sense of achievement. It’s a pleasure to see so many smiling faces, students as well as teachers.”

The Foundation has set itself an objective of training 100 people in 2020. To do this, we contacted ABBL members to ensure that we have a large enough pool of trainers to give the courses, together with ABBL employees, more than 50 ambassadors volunteered.

Participating ABBL Members

• Banque et Caisse de l’Epargne de l’Etat
• BGL BNP Paribas S.A.
• CapitalatWork Foyer Group S.A.
• Castegnaro
• China Construction Bank (Europe) S.A.
• Crédit Agricole Indosuez
• Deloitte General Services S.à.r.l.
• Forethix S.à.r.l.
• Fortuna Banque s.c.
• ING Luxembourg
• Mediobanca International (Luxembourg) S.A.

By Jessica Thyrion, Adviser – Financial Education, ABBL


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