ECG celebrates 50 years

ABBL Published 13.03.2020

Guy Hoffmann, Chairman of the ABBL, was a key note speaker at the recent 50th Birthday event of the Ecole de commerce et gestation (School of Business and Management).

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Guy Hoffmann, himself an alumni of the school, spoke to the audience of the changing world of finance, and in particular how young people in our education system today are the future of tomorrow’s economy.

“Preparing young people to take their place in the financial sector, a driving force of the Luxembourg economy, is a responsibility shared by the government, the schools and university, and of course the industry I represent”, said Hoffmann.

The ABBL supports financial education for all, specifically through its Fondation pour l’education financiere, which is concerned with education at all levels, from school children, young adults, research and doctorate students as well as adult learning.

“Well-educated, financially literate people with social as well as technical skills are needed to enable us to continue our success”, added Hoffmann.


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