COVID-19 - Banking Services FAQ

ABBL Published 18.03.2020

(last updated 18 March)

What are banks doing to protect staff and customers?

Banks in Luxembourg have been preparing their business continuity planning for several weeks already, with the aim of ensuring the proper functioning of client service with minimum interruption during current situation.

Concretely, this means activating their established plans for some staff working from home, splitting teams to several locations to ensure contamination in one place does not impact overall service, conducting meetings via web or phone conference, ensuring that online banking platforms are able operate without interruption, increasing client contact by phone etc.

The majority of banks are still open, and branches are prepared. We strongly recommend clients use online banking and electronic payments wherever possible. Banks can be contacted by telephone, and via their dedicated e-banking platforms. If you are in doubt about whether a particular branch is open, please check with them beforehand (via their website or by phone).

Please note that usual cybersecurity measures are to be respected. Banks do not contact their clients via email, and clients should be especially vigilant in this period.

Are the banks doing anything to support small businesses?

Retail banks are mobilising to support small businesses, professionals and entrepreneurs in this particularly difficult economic environment, specifically their short-term financing needs.

The Luxembourg government has also taken steps to support small businesses in the area of social contributions, partial unemployment benefits and deferred taxation possibilities.

Will bank branches close?

Whilst banks aim to keep their branches open for customers, they are constrained due to the evolution of the pandemic and the limited availability of staff, mainly resulting from the use of special leave for family reasons to take care of children, to temporarily close a number of agencies.

Knowing that limiting human contact to a minimum is currently the most effective measure to slow the spread of the Covid-19 virus, banks are renewing their call to customers to use remote services as a priority to carry out their banking operations and to reduce the physical use of branches to the strict minimum, and if possible to make an appointment beforehand.

We invite you to consult the website of your financial institution for the latest info.

Are there special measures to prevent spread of the virus via ATM machines?

Banks are making every effort to increase the frequency of cleaning ATM machines. We recommend that clients using ATMs, as in any other situation, follow the hygiene measures, as recommended by the Ministry of Health.

Will the ATMs run out of cash?

The current restrictions on movement do not affect the maintenance and fulfilment of ATM machines. There is a wide network of ATM machines in Luxembourg, and almost all purchases in supermarkets, petrol stations and shops can be made via electronic means.

Where can I find the latest information?

In all cases, the Luxembourg Government has up to date information on their websites, in particular the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of the Economy.


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