COVID-19 - Large scale testing for the financial sector

ABBL Published 30.06.2020

As we all implement plans to get back into the office, we would like to inform you of several points which should help you to ensure a smooth return, whilst safeguarding the safety of your employees.

  • Firstly, the ASTF are available to perform workplace audits, with the aim of validating your own ‘deconfinement’ plans, ensuring that the measures that you are planning or have already implemented are sufficient, and offering advice on desk spacing, signage and hygiene steps to put in place. These workplace audits are free of charge to ASTF members, and we strongly encourage you to take advantage of this service.


  • Secondly, the Luxembourg government invites residents and cross-border workers to participate voluntarily in the free of charge large-scale COVID-19 testing. The financial sector has been identified as one of the target populations for this testing and a COVID-19 test (PCR throat swab). It is important to get tested even if you are not sick, as a majority of those infected show little or no symptoms and may therefore be contagious without knowing it. Personal invitations are being sent to all employees of the finance sector over a 5 week period (first invitations were sent out on 15 June). By making an appointment at one of the 17 available testing stations, everyone can help to keep the total number of infected people to a minimum. Instead of testing the entire population at the same time, the objective is to ensure that every week someone in a particular environment is tested; this is the best way to break infection chains early and to efficiently trace contacts of people infected. Family, friends and colleagues and thus protected, and this should reassure employees that they can return to the office as planned, and in a controlled manner. Note that you only can make an appointment after receipt of an invitation. The ABBL supports this initiative and recommends its members to participate in the large-scale testing program. Further information can be found at and in the video below.



The video is available in the following languages: English, French, Luxembourgish, German and Portuguese.


  • Finally, we draw your attention to recent communications from the CSSF, the ASTF and the ABBL on getting back into the office safely.


It is clear that our sector has a critical role to play, not only in continuing to support the economy, but also in cooperating with the authorities to ensure that chances of a second outbreak are minimised and our staff are safe. If you have any questions, please contact us (


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