Video "One Minute in Finance": home loan

ABBL Published 14.07.2020

To better inform consumers about the issues that affect them every day in their relations with their bank, the ABBL completes its cycle of videos “One Minute in finance” with a video on housing loan.

The acquisition of housing being a significant investment, it is important to be well informed beforehand on the conditions of obtaining a loan to finance such a project.

Thanks to this new video produced jointly with the ABBL Foundation for Financial Education and the Chamber of Commerce, the ABBL answers the questions you ask yourself when you have to make a decision on this subject.

  • What is a home loan?
  • Under what conditions does the bank grant a loan?
  • How to determine the amount to borrow?
  • What are the costs of a home loan?
  • How long is a home loan?


In addition to this video, our Foundation also recently published an ABCdaire of financial education on home loan.


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