FMC - Financial Markets Certification Programme 2020 - 2021

ABBL Published 27.08.2020

Our association is proud to support the educational programme for beginners in financial markets launched by the Luxembourg Financial Market Association (LFMA).

The goal of the programme is to provide basic expertise in the structure and functionality of money market and treasury fields and their products. This includes the underlying mathematics and the economics of respective financial products.

A deep understanding of markets is paramount for anyone working in financial services. It is key to understand the impact that unforeseen events (like the current pandemic) can have on economies and global markets. When circumstances stray from the norm, it can be difficult to select the correct course of action, and a strong foundation of financial knowledge can help manage risk.

The Financial Markets Certification (FMC) is a great example of educational resources that can be used to enhance financial literacy.  The FMC is a course dedicated to junior finance professionals that can be completed online or in a one week intensive training (26-30 October).

The program will close with an exam, to be held either on 7 December 2020 or 8 February 2021. This certification can be considered a sort of driving license’ for working in financial markets.

LFMA decided to offer a programme with flexible time frames according to candidates personal choice. All candidates can opt for a self-paced online Cyber School provided by Finance Trainer and/or a one-week preparatory course conducted by Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, one of the top-ranked business schools in Germany, on behalf of LFMA in Luxembourg.

Programme fees

EUR 1,950             for LFMA Members

EUR 2,250             for non – LFMA Members

EUR    300             exam fee


LFMA recommends that interested candidates register now, as LFMA will be granting 40% discount on the program fee for the first 10 candidates. This discount applies for maximum 2 candidates per financial institution. On a first-come, first-served basis, early bird LFMA members will pay only EUR 1,170 (discounted price), non-LFMA members will pay EUR 1,350. 

Details and registration

Details and registration information are available on the dedicated page.




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