Alexandra Jour-Schroeder: new Deputy Director-General of DG FISMA

ABBL Published 08.02.2021

On Wednesday 3 February the European Commission appointed Alexandra Jour-Schroeder as Deputy Director-General of the services in charge of the financial sector.

Ms. Jour-Schroeder is a German official who, following an early career in the German federal government, started working for the European Commission in 1996. During her career she held various positions in the Directorates-General for competition, enterprise and industry policies, also serving as an advisor to a number of EU Commissioners. Since 2011 she has been working in the Directorate-General for Justice and Consumers where in September 2018 she has been appointed as acting Deputy Director-General, continuing to oversee the Criminal Justice and the Consumers Directorates.

Her then directorate is specialized in developing EU policies and legislation to enhance cooperation in criminal matters and fight against crime including at the time AML which was moved in 2019 to her new DG. This experience will bring added expertise in the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing to DG FISMA. In financial services her past achievements  include a new EU regime against insider dealing and market abuse, and the EU´s anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing policies.

Ms Jour-Schroeder will be an interesting addition to Sean Berrigan, the director general and fellow countryman to the Irish Commissioner for financial services.

By Sofia Badari


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