Digital Banking and FinTech Innovation Cluster


The Digital Banking and FinTech Innovation Cluster (DBFI) was launched on 7 January 2016. Currently, the Cluster unites 51 members and 12 FinTech Service Pack users interested in exchanging knowledge and ideas on new disruptive technologies and on how digitalisation and the rise of FinTech may impact banking and financial services being offered to more and more demanding customers.


ABBL’s DBFI Cluster believes in the importance of technology and its innovative use in making financial institutions in Luxembourg more customer-centric, technologically advanced, data-driven, and highly competitive.


The Cluster’s main objective is to support ABBL Members in achieving digital transformation of their business.

The adoption of disruptive technologies and FinTech innovation is of high importance for the future of banks and other incumbents of the financial sector.

All initiatives of the DBFI Cluster, in coordination with the Government of Luxembourg, Luxembourg for Finance, LHoFT, FinTech firms and other stakeholders of the financial services sector, aim at creating an attractive and competitive FinTech ecosystem in Luxembourg with unique selling points.

Actions of the DBFI Cluster

An overview of all activities of the DBFI Cluster can be consulted here.


DBFI Cluster is Chaired by Jean Hilger, Senior Vice-President, Head of Information Technology Department, at Banque et Caisse d’Epargne de l’Etat. Vice-Chairs are Jean Diederich, Partner, Wavestone and Raoul Mulheims, Finologee.

The Cluster is represented at ABBL’s Board of Directors by Philippe Seyll, co-CEO of Clearstream.

Daily coordination of the DBFI Cluster is assured by Marc Hemmerling, General Counsel – Digital Banking and FinTech and Andrey Martovoy, FinTech Adviser at the ABBL.


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