ABBL terms and conditions on data protection

As you are surely aware of, the General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679) will enter into force as from 25th May 2018. The latter notably aims at safeguarding the data subjects’ rights with regard to the protection of their personal data to be processed by a controller such as the ABBL.

One of the core principles of the aforementioned regulation lies in the transparency, fairness and lawfulness of the processing, which may eventually consist in getting your consent for the ABBL to be able to process your data, even if consisting in a mere email address, to comply with the regulation.

Should you still wish to regularly receive the newsletters of the ABBL or any kind of similar information of relevance to financial stakeholders (like the launch of events organised by the ABBL, sporadic communications and legal updates for instance), strictly in line with the mission statement of the ABBL with regard to servicing its members, the ABBL will need your consent to process your data for such purpose.

Failing such consent by 25th May 2018, the ABBL will unfortunately not be able to send to you such news anymore.

Only your name, surname and professional e-mail address will be collected solely by the ABBL and be kept no longer than necessary for the aforementioned processing’s purpose.

You have a right of access and rectification to your personal data, together with the right to erasure shall you no longer wish for your personal data to be processed by the ABBL, in addition to being able to collect back your personal data from the ABBL and restrict the processing of your data if the latter prove inaccurate.



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