Client protection & Consumer rights

“A New Deal for Consumers” (Collective Action)

Updated on 21/08/2019

State-of-play: Pre-legislative phase.

Level 1


Payment accounts directive

Updated on 21/08/2019

State-of-play: Published in the Official Journal. L 257/214 of 28 August 2014

Investor Compensation Scheme Directive

Updated on 21/08/2019

State-of-play: Proposal withdrawn.

Level 1

State-of-play: Proposal withdrawn



Due to a political stalemate since 2011 and in a spirit of “Better Regulation”, the Commission withdrew its proposal on 7 March 2015.

European Deposit Insurance Scheme (EDIS)

Updated on 21/08/2019

State-of-play: Legislative phase.

Level 1

 State-of-play: Legislative phase.



  • Proposal for a regulation published on 24 November 2015.


  • The Dutch Presidency started work in January 2016.

 European Parliament

  • Named its rapporteur and work started in early 2016.


  • 23 May 2016: ECON hearing
  • 16 June 2016: The ECON committee has published its working document
  • 21 October: the rapporteur finalized her draft report
  • 16 December 2016: deadline for amendments
  • 25 January 2017: consideration of amendments
  • 29 March 2017 AFCO adopted its opinion on the EDIS proposal

European Central Bank

  • On 12 July 2016, the opinion of the ECB on EDIS was published in the Official Journal of the EU C 252/1.


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