The European Money Quiz, organised by the European Banking Federation (EBF), is open to secondary school classes from all schools across Europe, for pupils aged between 13 and 15.

  • Objective: to motivate pupils to learn more about the exciting world of money and finance through a Europe-wide competition. 
  • Next edition: At national level: will be held in March or April (to be determined). At European level: on 10 May
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Register for the European Money Quiz 2022 (closed)

Final victory in Brussels

In May 2022, students from around 30 European countries will compete for the final victory. In addition to numerous prizes for all participants in the European final, the first three winning teams will receive a generous financial contribution for their class!

Register your class!

Do you want to experience something new and exciting with your class? Are you a teacher in a Luxembourg secondary school and your pupils were between 13 and 15 years old at the beginning of the current school year? Then don't wait any longer and sign up for this exciting adventure by contacting us at

The next edition of the European Money Quiz will be held in April 2022, with the national quiz in Luxembourg, and in May 2022 for the European quiz.

Please note that you need to create a username consisting of the following elements: (country code) (postcode) _ (school name) _ (class number / _letter). For example: Lycée Hubert Clément, Esch sur Alzette, Claude Wolter - 5 A -> LU4277_LHCE_5A

Practice with test quizzes

Have you registered? Have you and your class revised the questions about the world of finance? Then let's go! Practice before the big day. To help your students practice, here is a series of practice quizzes:

To practice with these tests, you need a computer with internet access in your classroom, ideally in combination with an Active Board or beamer. In addition, your students need mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. Answers are entered via these mobile devices. For this to work, all participants must first download the free Kahoot! App from an app shop on their smartphones or tablets. To play, they must now open one of the practice quizzes on the classroom computer. The links are above.

First choose between classic mode (everyone against everyone) or team mode (team against team). Classic mode is recommended if everyone in the class has a smartphone or tablet. In team mode, several students play as a team on one device.

After choosing between classic and team mode, a game PIN is displayed on the class computer. Then, on their smartphone or tablet, the pupils open the Kahoot! App on their smartphone or tablet and enter the game PIN displayed on the class computer in the "Enter PIN" field and confirm with "Enter". Then they simply type a "nickname" of their choice. The class PC confirms that the device is connected to the quiz. Let's go ! More info here

The national online competition

Together with the class, choose the quizmaster. The quizmaster can launch the quiz on the class computer. The questions appear on the screen. The participants enter the answers via their phones. After each set of questions and answers, the ranking in real time appears, as well as a graph showing the top three classes.

Watch the grand finale in April 2021



Financial Education Adviser

Jessica Thyrion holds a degree in communication from the Haute Ecole des Sciences de l'Information de Liège. She joined the ABBL in 1996 as a communication specialist. Since 2020, she is fully dedicated to financial education.

Since 2013, Jessica represents the ABBL in the Financial Education Working Group of the European Banking Federation.