The financial sector faces many challenges: demanding competition and market conditions, ongoing regulatory adaptation and the twin transitions of digitalisation and sustainability, to name but a few. We must continue our efforts to highlight the value of the financial sector to society.

The ABBL supports its Members' efforts to build trust in the Luxembourg financial sector.




Let's not forget:

  1. Banks employ 26,000 talented staff
  2. The financial sector as a whole contributes 35% of Luxembourg's total tax revenues
  3. It accounts for up to 25% of Luxembourg's GDP

Our value to society goes far beyond these figures. With some 2,500 of you actively contributing to the work of our ABBL clusters, technical committees, forums and working groups, we are pursuing together the mission of promoting the sustainable development of a regulated, innovative and responsible banking business. This mission guides all our work, and our 2022 Activity Report highlights our many collective achievements.