Published 05.03.2019

State of Play: published on the official journal 27/07/2012


  • Level 2 : On 27 September 2018 ESMA published final report amending RTS on the clearing obligation for intragroup transactions. 
    • On 29 April 2019, the Official Journal published a Commission delegated regulation on the extension of the dates of deferred application of the clearing obligation for certain OTC derivative contracts.
  • Level 3: 
    • On 6 September 2018 ESMA has published the responses received to the Consultation Paper no. 6 on the Clearing Obligation under EMIR.
    • On 26 September 2018 ESMA published an update on EMIR Q&A
    • On 18 December 2018, ESMA published two join draft Regulatory Technical Standards
    • On 31 January 2019 ESMA released a statement addressing EMIR Refit implementation.
    • On 4 February 2019 ESMA updated Q&A on EMIR data reporting.
    • On 28 March 2019, ESMA released a public statement on the implementation of the new EMIR Refit for the clearing obligation for financial and non-financial counterparties.
    • On 28 March 2019, ESMA published the official translation of guidelines on position calculation by TSR under EMIR
    • On 5 April 2019, ESMA published translations for guidelines on CCP conflict of interest management
    • On 15 April 2019, ESMA published the translations for guidelines on CCP APC margin measures.
    • On 29 May, ESMA updated EMIR Q&As
    • On 28 May 2019, ESMA published a consultation on tiering, comparable and fees under EMIR 2.2
    • On 29 May 2019, ESMA published fees for third-Country CCPs under EMIR 2.2
    • On 14 June 2019, ESMA updated Q&A on EMIR data reporting 




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