Review of the European Supervisory Authorities (ESAs)

Published 19.08.2017

Level 1

State-of-play: Legislative phase.



  • Publication of consultation on 21 March 2017. Deadline: 16 May 2017.
  • On 20 June 2017, the Commission published a feedback statement on the public consultation.
  • On 20 September 2017, the Commission published its legislative proposals. Link to ESA Review.
  • On 1 April 2019, the Commission has published the fact sheet on the ESAs review explaining the rational for the proposal and the key features.



  • On 19 December EU ambassadors reach an agreement on the AML part of the package. Work on-going in the Council working party on the rest. On 22 December exchange of views in ECOFIN on the way ahead.
  • On 12 February 2019 the Council has adopted its general approach on ESAs.


European Parliament

  • Has nominated B. Balz and P. Berès as co-rapporteurs and initiated its works.
  • On 23 January 2018 the ECON Committee published a working document on the ESA Review.
  • On 10 July 2018, the co-rapporteurs issued their draft report
  • In early September Othmar Karas (EPP, AT) takes over as co-rapporteur from Burkahad Balz who left the European Parliament for the German Bundesbank. 
  • On 12 September 2018 ECON Committee published amendments on ESAs Review- Link 1   Link 2
  • On 14 September 2018 ECON Committee published amendments on ESAs Review
  • On 31 October 2018 ECON published amendments on the AML part of the package: 
  • On 14 January 2019 ECON published the report on ESAs as voted in the committee.


Trilogue negotiations

  • First meetings held on 14, 21 and 27 February 2019. Meetings scheduled for 12 March.
  • The European Parliament and the Council have reached an agreement on the 21stof March 2019.
  • On 16 April 2019, the EP plenary session confirmed the trilogues agreement.



  • The Council has to formally adopt the text, followed by its publication in the OJ.
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