Governance - Roles and Responsibilities of Funds Directors

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Event date:
01/10/2019 - 02/10/2019
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Chambre de Commerce - 7, rue Alcide de Gasperi L-2981 Luxembourg


Despite the ever increasing focus on corporate governance matters, members of boards of directors of companies and collective investment schemes (CIS) still tend to underestimate the extent of their legal, regulatory and financial responsibilities.

  • What are the impacts of new directives and circulars?
  • What are the best governance practices for CIS?
  • What are the roles of the service providers of CIS?
  • How to choose the members of a board of directors?
  • How to assess and to mitigate liability of directors?
  • How to deal with conflicts of interests?
  • How to apply AML regulations and guidelines?

The purpose of this seminar will be to explore these key issues, to consider possible lines of action and to offer solutions.


This interactive seminar includes theoretical basics, presentations by professionals and exchange between participants through the resolution of a specific corporate business case.

The presentations will deal with the following topics

  • Roles and responsibilities of directors and managers
  • Overview of Luxembourg company law and fund structures for directors and managers
  • Identification and management of conflicts of interest
  • Impact of the European plan of action of corporate governance on the exercise of directors’ duties
  • Recent developments in regulation and best practice
  • Studies of governance practices of management and investment companies of CIS
  • Preparation and holding of boards of directors’ meetings
  • The particular case of managers responsible for UCITS and AIF Funds: organisation and good practice
  • The role of service providers to CIS and investment management companies
  • Liability management for directors and managers
  • Legislative coverage and insurance
  • AML regulations and guidelines for Directors
  • The ALFI Code of Conduct


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