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The House of Training courses are now accessible via a virtual classroom.

The Introduction to Digital Finance gives an overview of the market place and the role of disruptors.

While settled in a stable competitive market for years, financial institutions have started to see new entrants thriving in their established markets, while entry barriers are falling. In less than a decade, some of this new actors have become multibillion dollar organisations, serving millions of customers, creating a new type of industry called “Digital Finance”.

The European Commission defines “Digital finance” as “the term used to describe the impact of new technologies on the financial services industry. It includes a variety of products, applications, processes and business models that have transformed the traditional way of providing banking and financial services.”

The Introduction to Digital Finance has been prepared by the House of Training, together with the ABBL’s Digital Banking & FinTech Innovation Cluster and Deloitte.

At the end of the session, participants will understand the main drivers of banking industry disruption, what is at stake and the main topics to be addressed when initiating a digital transformation journey.

When: 19.05.2020 (4 hours)
Where: Online
Language: English
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