Luxembourg Depositary Conference 2017

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Luxembourg’s custody industry is still facing challenges : whether it’s strategic issues or regulatory constraints. Regarding these issues, we are pleased to announce the lineup for our Depositary Conference, December the 6th, featuring presentations and panel discussions from regulatory specialists, bankers, lawyers and actors from the bank industry in Luxembourg.

At this year’s IFE annual conference, our programme will cover a variety of topics, delivery approaches. Speakers will debat of the regulatory update and future outlook on UCITS depositaries, the impacts on depositories of AIFMD et UCITS V from a practical and operational perspective. You will also get the chance to look into the future of the Luxembourg depositary market and the cross border distribution.


CHAIRMAN: Jean-Pierre GOMEZ , Head of Regulatory & Public Affairs Luxembourg , SOCIÉTÉ GÉNÉRALE BANK & TRUST S.A.

Highlights of key regulatory issues affecting funds under AIFM

  • Regulatory update and future Outlook on depositaries
    • What’s new under ESMA’s opinion of 20th July 2017 (ESMA34-45-277)? What does it imply?
      – Asset segregation
      – Application of depositary delegation rules to CSDs
    • Q&A of the CSSF & ESMA’s opinion: What should you know about the independence requirement between the ManCo and the UCITS depositary?
    • Luxembourg latest developments
  • Depositary-specific issues
    • When does look-through apply? How does it work in practice?
    • What is the required content of the register of assets (assets not held in custody)? How does it work in practice?
    • With regard to the obligation to ensure ownership of assets not held in custody, can the documents be collected from the AIFM? How does it work in practice?
      Xavier BALTHAZAR, Partner, PwC
      Frederic BOCK, Head of PE & Alternatives, PICTET GROUP
  • What are the role and impacts on depositories of AIFMD et UCITS V from a practical and operational perspective?
    • The custodian function 18 months after UCITS V and nearly by 4 years after AIFMD
    • What has really changed today?
    • Which fundamental differences does exist between UCITS custodian and AIF custodian. Is there really one?
    • Brexit: how does it impact the activity of a depositary in Luxembourg?
      Jean-Pierre GOMEZ, Head of Regulatory & Public Affairs Luxembourg, SOCIÉTÉ GÉNÉRALE BANK & TRUST S.A.
      Séverine LOISEL, Head of Depositary Bank, EDMOND DE ROTHSCHILD (EUROPE)
      Vincent WILLEM, Head of Depositary Bank Control & Oversight, BANQUE DE LUXEMBOURG
      Franck WASSMER (to be confirmed), Managing Director, BNY MELLON
  • Cross-border distribution and supervision of UCITS and AIFs
    • Capital markets union (CMU) action plan
    • Marketing and distribution challenges post-Brexit
    • What are the potential distribution channels?
    • How will the domestic and european perspectives for the market look like?
    • What are the opportunities for other fund domiciles?
      Yves TAMBOUR, Partner, FUNDGLOBAM


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