Open Banking Challenge

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01/06/2018 - 02/06/2018
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Le Dernier Etage - 9, rue forest
Paris, F-75018 France
Sopra Banking
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In today’s fast-paced, technologically boundless world, putting up barriers and innovating on your own is a bit like having a great idea and never sharing it.

Sopra Banking Software is continuing to drive momentum in Open Banking, and is positioning itself as an innovation catalyst with its Digital eXperience Platform (DxP).
The platform shares a multitude of banking services with Start-ups to streamline their applications. These services can be accessed via standardised interfaces (open APIs). You no-longer require information on underlying production systems and it’s no longer necessary to maintain a range of interfaces to connect with various banks. If a service is lacking, start-ups can ask for banks to open it up, or even create it themselves as a micro service and market it using a pay-per-use pricing model.
Against this backdrop, Sopra Banking Software is launching the first Open Banking Challenge – an event that is tailor-made for entrepreneurs. It’s an unprecedented opportunity to meet the emerging DxP ecosystem community and win a partnership with Sopra Banking Software who will open up the doors of numerous banks, and millions of customers via them! 

You are a Start-up, a student, an independent developer?

Interested? Check it out here.


Please register before 13 April 2018 on the dedicated website.



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