"Top 3 supply chain trends in 2019" workshops

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13 March 2019 - 15 March 2019
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Limpertsberg Campus - 162A avenue de la Faïencerie L-1511 Luxembourg
University of Luxembourg
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The workshops teaches you how to leverage latest developments in sustainability, digitalisation and risk management. It provides tools and practices for your business and career success.

13 March 2019

Sustainable Supply Chains

How green is your supply chain? Customers and investors become increasingly sensitive towards the environmental impact of supply chains in production, consumption, and transportation. Let MIT researcher Josue Velazquez-Martinez show you how to improve the CO2 footprint of your logistics operations and help your supply chain become greener.

Instructor: Josue Velasquez Martinez (MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics)

Josué C. Velázquez Martínez is a Research Scientist at the MIT CTL specialized in Logistics and Supply Chain Management in manufacturing, food, and retail industries, and has vast experience in conducting applied research on Sustainable Logistics in emerging markets.

Dr. Velázquez Martínez leads two research streamlines: the MIT Sustainable Logistics Initiative, which involves research projects on green logistics sponsored by multinational companies, with the purpose of improving fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in logistics operations, and the MIT GeneSys, which aims to improve the efficiency of small firms, and involves on-site research at approximately 200 small enterprises across Latin America in collaboration with the region’s top universities. Full biography


14 March 2019

Blockchain and Digital Supply Chains

What can blockchains do for your supply chain? Let Frank Bolten, logistics expert and founder of Hamburg-based blockchain start-up Chainsteps, walk you through the blockchain economy and show you how blockchains can be used to secure the flow of information along your supply chain.

Instructor: Frank Bolten (Chainsteps)

Long-term senior management experience in leading technology companies (Sony, Deutsche Telekom, Sharp), over the last couple of years focus on digital transformation. Since 2015 specialized on the utilization of blockchain technology for businesses. Founded CHAINSTEP GmbH in May 2017 – motto: “We bring blockchain to the real economy”. Located in Hamburg, focus industries: transport logistics and supply chain management.


15 March 2019

Supply Chain Resilience and Mitigation

Is your supply chain prepared for failure? Natural disasters, like hurricanes, earth quakes, or floods, or even man-made turmoil, like sanctions or war, can easily disrupt the fragile flow of goods. LCL professor, Nils Löhndorf, will introduce you to the concept of supply chain resilience and show you how other companies prepare for the worst.

Instructor: Nils Löhndorf (LCL)

Nils Löhndorf is an Associate Professor at the Luxembourg Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LCL).
Nils’s research interests are in operations research, in particular optimization under uncertainty, with current applications in operational management and valuation of energy storage systems.



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