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This Directory provides information on FinTech firms subscribed currently to ABBL’s FinTech Service Pack.
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ABBL FinTech Service Users

Budget Insight  is a French fintech, created in 2012 and specialised in the aggregation of financial data. It provides tools to financial and banking sector. Thanks to its technology, its customers could propose to their end-consumers a digital, smart and unique experience through several API​: ​Bank, Bill, Wealth, wire transfer initiation and PSD2 Compliance API.

Since the success of their API’s solutions, they launched the API marketplace/ API management where they gather and propose the best of FinTech to our customers. Budget Insight is no longer a collector of data but transforms and injects added value to offer an innovative user experience.

 is a B2B FinTech with a mission to make the debt ecosystem
 more efficient, transparent & profitable. We provide securitisation as a service, transforming loans into bonds on a flexible basis. Our innovative securitisation setup allows investors to build diversified portfolios of loans (via bonds) at a pan-European level, while enjoying greater risk transparency. On the other side of the coin, loan originators profit from flexible opportunities to scale their lending business – opening up much-needed financing avenues to SMEs across Europe. CrossLend plans to establish an international exchange where various forms of debt can be bought and sold.


Ellipsys : “Bots for better strategic data”

Ellipsys is a Luxembourgish software publisher. Ellipsys produces robots that automatically qualify the origin and quality of each strategic data. From there, it is easy to reject inaccurate data and keep only those that are relevant. As a result, our solution delivers huge savings in licensing and maintenance, and improves data compliance.

This helps a lot in the context of data migration to Big Data architectures, which we are looking to automate.
Ellipsys works with some of the biggest banks in Luxembourg.



FINOLOGEE S.A. is a Luxembourg-based company, established in August 2017. Its founders are Raoul Mulheims, Georges Berscheid and Jonathan Prince, who previously created and ran Digicash, Luxembourg’s retail banks’ Mobile Payment network.

FINOLOGEE has three product lines:

  • FINOLOGEE Onboarding, a digital services aggregation platform enabling regulated entities to outsource their customer onboarding process,
  • FINOLOGEE Access2Account, a multi-layered platform facilitating both PSD2 compliance for financial institutions and monetisation strategies using its FinTech marketplace,
  • FINOLOGEE Messaging, a high-performance and multi-channel messaging gateway, powering OTP/token issuing processes and optimisation of bill payment and recovery via smart messaging strategies.


HAPS (Have-A-Portfolio Solutions) G.I.E.: Your Ecosystem Partner

Connecting custodians, wealth managers and Fintechs around digital data collection, document management and e-signature in Europe is our Marketplace model.

We digitize the documents of different parties into an intelligent data collection and document maintenance solution.

The tailored services for integration with other solutions are:

  • Offline and Online data collection and document generation
  • Electronic – signature – seals – time stamps
  • Validation & preservation service
  • Web Signing Portal enabling clients and partners to sign documents in your environment

Mobile Apps

Frictionless User Experience (UX)with your look and feel, signing function and secure communication will be basic features of your app.


Numbrs is a leading technology company based in Switzerland. Its core product is the Numbrs App, one of the most widely used finance apps in Germany. The app provides millions of users with the best technology platform to easily manage their personal finances. Users can aggregate all their bank accounts and financial products within the app. Numbrs is not a bank. The company partners with leading financial institutions to offer the best product offering to its users.

In Luxembourg, the company is establishing a payment institution that will provide the new payment services, namely payment initiation services and account information services, under the new PSD2 regime.


Secourriel was founded in 2017 and is a cybersecurity FinTech providing contract ready messaging for sensitive content and an instant legally binding receipt.By leveraging on a tried and tested 100% European cybersecurity platform we deliver the gold standard of secureB2B2C messaging and file sharing right from the start.The services are highly customised for the financial industry and fully compliant with EU and Luxembourg specific regulation (e.g. CSSF and CNPD). We are situated in Luxembourg and process the solution and data locally in Tier 4, PFS certified data centres.

Key business features:

  • Privacy by design
  • End-to-End encrypted emails/file sharing using existing customer systems
  • Evidence of read
  • Audit trail
  • Delegation
  • Self-service portal


SESAMm: Bringing Big Data to the Financial World

SESAMm is a French leader in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence solutions applied to asset management.

Specialized in AI and Alternative Data, SESAMm helps its clients integrate web data and data science technologies into their investment strategies.

The Fintech company builds analytics, investment signals based on +8bn documents from +2M textual data sources worldwide using Natural Language Processing and specifically emotions analysis, to major funds and asset managers worldwide (US, UK, France, Japan, Luxembourg…). After opening its offices in New York, SESAMm is now currently focusing on its international growth and in creating new solutions for the asset management industry. 



TokenyThe most trusted tokenization platform: The Luxembourg based fintech connects empowered investors with disruptive companies for running successful, secure and sustainable ICOs.

The end-to-end platform allows its clients to digitize any assets by issuing compliant security or utility tokens. The solution leverages distributed ledger technologies to manage the tokens lifecycle and enables the subsequent transactions between issuers and contributors. Tokeny brings liquidity, trust, transparency and massive cost savings to the process of corporate fundraising.


VNX Exchange is a Luxembourg-based digital asset marketplace for venture capital investments.

VNX Exchange tokenizes VC portfolios to bring much-needed liquidity to the venture capital industry. By splitting up startup portfolios into multitudes of pieces and offering them for trading on its platform, VNX makes investing into the new generation of innovative companies available and accessible to a broad pool of investors.
By unlocking liquidity and increasing capital velocity, we fuel technology, innovation and entrepreneurship globally.


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