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ABBL FinTech Service Users

 is a B2B FinTech with a mission to make the debt ecosystem
 more efficient, transparent & profitable. We provide securitisation as a service, transforming loans into bonds on a flexible basis. Our innovative securitisation setup allows investors to build diversified portfolios of loans (via bonds) at a pan-European level, while enjoying greater risk transparency. On the other side of the coin, loan originators profit from flexible opportunities to scale their lending business – opening up much-needed financing avenues to SMEs across Europe. CrossLend plans to establish an international exchange where various forms of debt can be bought and sold.


Issue bonds with ease with the European Primary Placement Facility (eppf). The fixed income space is the last bastion of slow and manual processes and a patchwork of partial solutions. Costs are multiplied and efficiencies lost. Companies, banks and investors are renting all from their cars to their cloud platforms – now they can rent the full value chain for fixed income capital markets services too.

The Only Cohesive, Unified Pan-European Solution – eppf establishes a genuine single capital market in the EU where investors are able to invest their funds without hindrance across borders.
Solution for All Market Participants – Too many procedures and processes make non-bank lending very complex. This consumes a lot of businesses‘ otherwise productive time. eppf solves these challenges.


HAPS (Have-A-Portfolio Solutions) G.I.E.: Your Ecosystem Partner

Connecting custodians, wealth managers and FinTechs around digital data collection, document management and e-signature in Europe is our Marketplace model.

HAPS digitises documents of different parties into an intelligent data collection and document maintenance solution.

The tailored services for integration with other solutions are:

  • Offline and Online data collection and document generation
  • Electronic – signature – seals – time stamps
  • Validation & preservation service
  • Web Signing Portal enabling clients and partners to sign documents in your environment

Mobile Apps: frictionless User Experience (UX) with your look and feel, signing function and secure communication are basic features of the app.


HQLAᵡ is a financial technology innovation firm that leverages R3’s distributed ledger technology, Corda, to provide liquidity management and collateral management solutions for institutional clients in the global securities financing markets.

HQLAᵡ and Deutsche Börse Group formed a strategic partnership for the creation of a joint operating model that provides market participants with improved collateral mobility across a fragmented securities settlement eco-system.

In the HQLAᵡ / Deutsche Börse Group operating model, there is no movement of securities between custodians. Instead, a digital collateral registry is used to record ownership of baskets of securities, whilst the underlying securities remain static in the custody location of the collateral giver. This enables platform participants to seamlessly execute capital efficient securities lending transactions for enhanced balance sheet optimisation.


Secourriel was founded in 2017 and is a cybersecurity FinTech providing contract ready messaging for sensitive content and an instant legally binding receipt. By leveraging on a tried and tested 100% European cybersecurity platform we deliver the gold standard of secureB2B2C messaging and file sharing right from the start.The services are highly customised for the financial industry and fully compliant with EU and Luxembourg specific regulation (e.g. CSSF and CNPD). We are situated in Luxembourg and process the solution and data locally in Tier 4, PFS certified data centres.

Key business features:

  • Privacy by design
  • End-to-End encrypted emails/file sharing using existing customer systems
  • Evidence of read
  • Audit trail
  • Delegation
  • Self-service portal

Seventy Nine Three was initially launched as an independent financial technology project in early 2017 in Luxembourg. After one year of R&D, it was eventually incorporated in 2018 by active and former hedge fund and investment professionals. They are on a mission that great and unique data fuelling powerful and deep diving analytics should be easy to find and simple to use.

Their vision of the future of finance is of a deeply meshed collaboration of human-driven business and augmented intelligence (AI) technologies. By collectively leveraging this relationship, financial decision-making processes will unlock higher productivity and sustainability levels than ever before.


Tokeny – The most trusted tokenization platform: The Luxembourg based fintech connects empowered investors with disruptive companies for running successful, secure and sustainable ICOs.

The end-to-end platform allows its clients to digitize any assets by issuing compliant security or utility tokens. The solution leverages distributed ledger technologies to manage the tokens lifecycle and enables the subsequent transactions between issuers and contributors. Tokeny brings liquidity, trust, transparency and massive cost savings to the process of corporate fundraising.


VNX Exchange is a Luxembourg-based digital asset marketplace for venture capital investments.

VNX Exchange tokenises VC portfolios to bring much-needed liquidity to the venture capital industry. By splitting up startup portfolios into multitudes of pieces and offering them for trading on its platform, VNX makes investing into the new generation of innovative companies available and accessible to a broad pool of investors.
By unlocking liquidity and increasing capital velocity, we fuel technology, innovation and entrepreneurship globally.


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