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If you are interested in getting connected with ABBL members such as banks, payment institutions, electronic money institutions, consultants, law firms and financial sector professionals and eager to contribute to the shaping of the future banking and financial services, just fill in the form and one of our consultants will contact you shortly.

Who can subscribe for ABBL’s FinTech Service Pack?

Any entity with primary operations in the field of Financial Technology (FinTech) or Digital Banking and / or providing technologically advanced financial services or services that are part of technologically advanced financial services.

Why subscribing for ABBL’s FinTech Service Pack?

Subscription for ABBL’s FinTech Service Pack is a unique professional and networking opportunity representing an exciting and direct connector to the financial industry of Luxembourg:

  • We invite you to specific meetings devoted to various FinTech topics
  • We give you an opportunity to join our Task Forces on specific FinTech subjects
  • We invite you to events organized by the ABBL on FinTech related topics
  • We provide you with an access to documents related to specific FinTech subjects
  • We list your entity in the ABBL’s FinTech Directory and in the FinTech Map of Luxembourg

How to join the ABBL?

Applications for ABBL’s FinTech Service Pack are submitted to the ABBL. Together with your application you will need to submit a few standard certificates and documents:


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