Capital Markets Union progress Published the 01.12.2021
Following up on its 2020 Capital Markets Union Action Plan, last week the European Commission published a further CMU package consisting mostly of legislative proposals reviewing the AIFMD and ELTIF...
The banker 2.0: what challenges for professional training? Published the 30.11.2021
We are witnessing a global shift in skills: according to several converging studies, around 10% to 20% of jobs are threatened with disappearance by the automation of tasks brought about...
COP26: The banks’ path to a 1.5°C target Published the 25.11.2021
The long-awaited COP26 ended with the adoption of the Glasgow Climate Pact, which calls on national governments to step up their respective contributions in 2022, providing a narrow window of...
Request to pay: strategic and technical aspects Published the 18.11.2021
Request to Pay is a messaging functionality whereby a payee can initiate a payment request to the payer, who receives a message with the requested amount and due date. Request...
Remuneration policies: key points Published the 18.11.2021
With the transposition of the Capital Requirements Directive (CRD5) expected by the end of this year, the ABBL organised a conference on 15 November on the impact of the directive...
Capital requirements : Basel III and more Published the 03.11.2021
It was finalised in December 2017, but when the Basel agreement took its first milestone in the transposition into EU law last week (27 October 2021), it was already a...
MIFID II Recast: practical implementation summary Published the 03.11.2021
The MIFID Directive is undergoing a major overhaul, in two steps: Step 1: A quick fix initiative with (smaller) changes related to COVID-19 Step 2: A broader recast which is...
Open banking: where do we stand? Published the 28.10.2021
The last ABBL FinTech and Innovation Forum, which brings together ABBL members and innovative solution providers, focused on open banking. This term, which emerged during the drafting of the revised...
Quantum computing: how to prepare? Published the 28.10.2021
Quantum computing will profoundly transform many sectors, including banking and payments. This implies many challenges, especially in terms of security: public key algorithms can be easily broken by a sufficiently...
Taxation – further details agreed on a Two-Pillar reform of international tax rules Published the 20.10.2021
On 8 October 2021, 136 countries and jurisdictions, including all OECD and G20 countries and all EU Member States, agreed to the final framework for a Two-Pillar Solution to Address the...


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