Brexit preparedness Published the 21.03.2019
The ABBL is pleased to inform you hereby of the launch of a dedicated Brexit section on its website. The information provided on the ABBL website deals not only generally...
FATF Methodology: technical compliance and effectiveness of the AML / CFT systems Published the 15.03.2019
On 12 March 2019, the ABBL organised a conference on “the FATF Methodology: technical compliance and effectiveness of the AML / CFT systems”. Considering the forthcoming evaluation of Luxembourg by...
High noon in Westminster Published the 15.03.2019
What a week! In Westminster. Brexit. Again. Theresa May, the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister, on Monday put the (unchanged) withdrawal agreement she had negotiated with the EU for a second...
The Benchmarks Reform – Bigger than Brexit? Published the 08.03.2019
In the wake of major political and economic disruptions, the likes of Brexit, there is little need for further complications in the financial sector. This being said, more and more...
Agreement on the EU covered bonds framework Published the 08.03.2019
In May last year in this space we had reported about the EU’s project of creating a framework for EU covered bonds. Waiting is now nearly over. Indeed in the...
The ABBL engages itself for the gender diversity Published the 08.03.2019
On the occasion of the International Women’s Day, the ABBL is proud to engage itself for the gender diversity by signing today the Equilibre “My Pledge” initiative, aimed at ensuring...
Campa on the road to EBA Published the 01.03.2019
One of the top jobs out for redistribution this year is the chairmanship of the European Banking Authority (EBA) after the move of Mr Enria to the supervisory board of...
Approved Law Bill 7363 on the usage of DLT for circulation of securities Published the 01.03.2019
On 14 February 2019, the Luxembourg parliament has passed into law the draft bill of law no 7363 on the usage of distributed ledger technology (DLT) for the circulation of...
End of European Parliament mandate – final countdown Published the 22.02.2019
With all eyes on the Brexit count down, another count down is creating a frenzy of activity in Brussels : the end of the European Parliament legislature and the upcoming start...
The ABBL to become the 1st institution in Luxembourg to endorse the Principles for Responsible Banking Published the 19.02.2019
Today, UNEP FI (The United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative) announced the second Round of endorsers of the Principles for Responsible Banking. The Principles provide guidance for banks to create...


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