Dealing with NPLs: the Commission proposals Published the 08.06.2018
During and after the most recent financial crisis, non-performing loans (NPLs) have been building up on banks’ balance sheets in several Member States and have been threatening the viability of...
SBBS: half banking union, half CMU Published the 01.06.2018
When a few weeks before the adoption of the Commission proposal I first heard about Esbies, for the fraction of a second involuntarily the image of a yellow frisbee took...
OECD Symposium to Advance Financial Literacy Published the 25.05.2018
The 5th OECD Global Policy Research Symposium to Advance Financial Literacy gathered many important actors in the field of financial education. It was the moment to celebrate the 10th anniversary...
Sustainable finance – The European Commission is moving forward Published the 25.05.2018
On 24th May 2018, the Commission presented a package of measures as a follow-up to its action plan on financing sustainable growth published in March 2018. This package includes three...
Luxembourg ranks 5th in the Digital Economy and Society Index Published the 25.05.2018
Luxembourg ranks 5th out of the 28 EU Member States in the last edition of the Digital Economy and Society Index published on 18 May 2018. Overall it has maintained...
Blockchain Governance Framework in Luxembourg: More Opportunities for Financial Innovation Published the 18.05.2018
After a decade since the emergence of the blockchain technology, numerous sectors of economic activity started to experience changes that may lead to considerable technological and market shifts impacting economical...
Commissioner Dombrovskis prioritizes Banking Union Published the 18.05.2018
During an exchange of views between Vice-President Valdis Dombrovskis and members of the European Parliament’s Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee (ECON), the former was questioned by German centre-right MEP Burkhard...
New CBA for Banks: agreement in principle Published the 11.05.2018
An agreement in principle on a new collective bargaining agreement for bank employees 2018-2020 was found Wednesday, 9 May, after a day of negotiations, between the employers’ association ABBL on...
Impacts of GDPR on the processing of an application to a job by a candidate Published the 11.05.2018
On the 25th of May, the EU Regulation 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such...
ABBL Meets Members: “Surfing the wave of the GDPR” Published the 08.05.2018
On 7 May 2018, the ABBL organised ABBL Meets Members event “Surfing the wave of the GDPR” in the presence of 130 participants. Members received three sets of guidelines drafted...


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