The Life of Brexit – “Always look on the bright side of life” Published the 31.01.2020
Today the United Kingdom (UK) will definitively and officially leave the European Union (EU). When looking at Brexit over the course of past 40 months, the bright side may certainly...
What is in it for financial services in the new Commission’s Work Programme? Published the 31.01.2020
The College of Commissioners adopted the Work Programme for 2020, setting out the concrete actions that the Commission will undertake this year to implement the political priorities to which President...
The ABBL celebrates 27 new members Published the 24.01.2020
The ABBL would like to express a warm welcome to all its new members. Thank you for joining us on 16 January 2020 to celebrate your membership with our team....
Looking beyond Brexit: what now for financial services? Published the 24.01.2020
As the 31st of January is approaching, it is time to wrap up where we left with Brexit, see what will happen after the estimated due date and what will...
Capital Markets Union – Waking up sleeping beauty Published the 24.01.2020
Following the building of the European Banking Union and the ensuing integration of the banking sector from a regulatory and supervisory perspective, the Capital Markets Union (CMU) project officialized by...
Change at the helm of the EU’s highest financial services departments Published the 17.01.2020
Olivier Guersent had been steering the Commission’s DG FISMA (Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union) for the last ten years, first as head of cabinet of then Commissioner...
All calm and peaceful in Brussels? Published the 10.01.2020
A year ago, the legislative machinery of the European Union was in full swing and scrambling to finalize deals to wrap up legislation before the end of the European Parliament’s...
Time for banks to ‘detox’ Published the 10.01.2020
Two kilos! That’s the average weight gain over the Christmas break. It’s impossible to resist a toast or a dessert when in good company, even for the most virtuous of...
ABBL response to the EU Commission consultation on Basel III Published the 06.01.2020
The Luxembourg Bankers’ Association (The ABBL) is the voice of the financial sector in Luxembourg representing the majority of financial institutions on all major issues and notably banking regulation. As...
Sustainable finance: the long-awaited agreement on the taxonomy Published the 20.12.2019
An agreement on a sustainable finance taxonomy (nothing to do with taxation, but rather a set of common terminology and classification) was long awaited, as it is the cornerstone of...


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