Results of the ABBL/CSSF Retail and Private Banking Surveys 2021 Published the 04.08.2021
The ABBL has just received the results of our annual Retail Banking Survey and our Private Banking Survey, collecting information from our members active in those sectors, in collaboration with...
Revision of the Consumer Credit Directive Published the 16.07.2021
On 30 June 2021, the European Commission (EC) adopted a proposal for the revision of the Consumer Credit Directive. The latter was adopted in 2008 and, after several reports on...
Digitalisation of the economy and taxation: towards international tax reform Published the 16.07.2021
More than 130 countries and jurisdictions have endorsed the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Declaration of 1 July 2021 on a two-pillar reform plan to address the tax...
Conference on post-crisis teleworking: key take-aways Published the 30.06.2021
At last week’s post-Covid teleworking conference, renowned local experts shared their knowledge in their field with ABBL members: Yves MAAS, ABBL for the introduction Ariane CLAVERIE, Castegnaro for labour law...
Climate and ESG risks: the next big challenge for the banking sector Published the 30.06.2021
Climate and environmental risks could lead to significant financial losses and, as with other types of risk, need to be integrated into banks’ risk management. Many initiatives aim at giving...
What the Commission has in store for the banks by the end of the year  Published the 17.06.2021
Crisis management and depositary insurance, AIFMD review, supervisory convergence… Over the last few months, the European Commission has been busy with quite a number of consultations, conferences with stakeholders and...
The Cost of Regulation: 2020 ABBL and EY study Published the 17.06.2021
The ABBL and EY have just published a study on the Cost of Regulation. The main conclusions of this study, covering about ten different regulations, are: The total cost of implementing...
End-of-year fund inventory process: practical guide Published the 11.06.2021
At the end of the fund’s financial year, fund depositaries are required to provide a complete inventory statement of assets. This obligation, defined in CSSF circulars 16/644 and 18/697, comes...
Towards an EU digital identity wallet for all Published the 11.06.2021
On 3 June, the European Commission proposed a framework for a European Digital Identity which will be available to all EU citizens, residents, and businesses in the EU. The Commission...
Signature of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement for banks: protecting jobs and supporting the future of the financial centre Published the 11.06.2021
In excellent news for the banking sector, the Collective Bargaining Agreement was signed on Thursday 10 June. It will cover the years 2021 to 2023. The negotiations succeeded in taking into...


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